RPE knows that racing teams or manufacturers do not have it easy to find the right staff as there are many unprofessional or unqualified people out there, but also it is sometimes difficult for qualified staff like mechanics, technicians or engineers if experienced or fresh from the university to find a job in the industry. Therefore, we created a server / platform at the beginning of 2020 in order to keep records of professional and qualified motorsport staff for interested customers. Usually, the search for staff by racing teams or manufacturers does mostly happen at either the beginning or end of a season, but can also occur in emergency situations where a customer requires a replacement in short notice.

Strong points for racing teams / manufacturers looking for staff:

  • Events you need staff for (racing series, tests, workshop, development, etc)
  • Level of experience or capabilities you are looking for
  • Budget you have (day rate / travel day)

Strong points for motorsport staff looking for projects / jobs or a start in the industry:

  • Further experience with appropriate salaries
  • Make yourself known or get a career entry
  • Availabilities tailored to you

So far, RPE allocated a total of 10 people with different backgrounds and specialties as well as levels of experience from various countries to different racing teams! EVERYONE did integrate well and either found a good work opportunity or great start in the industry gaining valuable experience. Together as a team, they could achieve race wins and celebrate championship titles.

If you are a racing team or manufacturer looking for professional and qualified staff matching your requirements as well as budget, please do not hesitate to contact us as RPE can surely assist you!