In June 2021, RPE took the decision to end its cooperation with Porsche Team Allied-Racing beyond 2021 for various reasons. RPE’s goal was then to use the rest of the year to finish organising the significant grown engineering team and prepare everything for a professional handover beside continuing all activities of the team on- and off-track as usual. However, Porsche Team Allied-Racing took RPE’s decision to end the cooperation rather personal than professional and engineering has been tried to blame entirely for the missing success of the team in 2021 from now on not seeing the situation realistic anymore, the real reasons and full picture or take any advice. Note: Nobody ever stated or said in any way that engineering works or engineers are totally faultless or there is nothing to improve at all as everybody is still human. Though, responsibilities have always been taken fully or partially as part of the professional obligations which come with the individual role whenever either clear engineering mistakes or engineering involved problems occured trying to solve issues as best as possible by keeping an open as well as honest communication attitude to become better. As result of the unfortunate situation, RPE had to take the difficult decision to end its work with Porsche Team Allied-Racing immediately and therfore already in July 2021 as the only solution considering the given circumstances, but still try to separate in a professional way as good as possible handing over. In doing so, everything has been organised, prepared and put into place including staff to make the transfer in the best way possible and secure the team’s engineering operation for the remaining season and beyond which is RPE’s view of a professional end as well as give each other props having achieved a lot together. Unfortunately, the team decided to end things rather unprofessional and a lot of falsehoods, half-truths and rumours have already been and will possibly be spread as a result. In addition, the team did not pay off its debt and RPE has been left with substantial non-payments. A real pity and indeed very ungrateful to end things this way not appreciating at all where Porsche Team Allied-Racing was before and how it evolved with the support of RPE over the time.

It has indeed been a very successful cooperation which started back at the end of 2018 where RPE and Porsche Team Allied-Racing met or rather worked with each other trackside for the first time while intensifying the partnership from 2020 onwards with big long-term potential at that time. Together with RPE, the team developed sustainably into one of the most successful GT4 teams world-wide straight away winning the 2020 European as well as German championship title while cobing with the world-wide Covid-19 pandemic. The achievement allowed the team then to successfully enter and step up to professional GT3 racing using very limited funds as well as return to the Porsche Carrera Cup Germany (PCCD) alongside an ambitious GT4 programme in 2021.

RPE is looking forward to new challenges ahead and can be contacted by teams, manufacturers and drivers for trackside, development or chassis/laptime simulation support as well as webinar coaching. Ready to rumble!


Revised: 01/04/2022