Race car simulation softwares have made big improvements over the last decade and are nowadays indeed irreplaceable. As testing time is critical and restrictions often apply, using up-to-date chassis or laptime simulation software is a powerful tool to gain a distinct performance advantage over competitors for a fraction of the actual trackside testing costs.

There are different simulation packages on the market, but ChassisSim of ChassisSim Technologies is indeed the leader due to its transient nature. Its founder and director Mr Danny Nowlan is one of just a few real motorsport brains and he started to create the software in mid 90’s. Therefore, RPE is delighted to have him as strong partner.

Real logged data of the race car and technical information supplied are used to accurately create and validate a customised simulation model (aero, suspension and tyre modelling). Any race track can be used either by choosing from the software’s own data base or replicated using bump and curvature information while the simulation results can afterwards be exported and supplied to any established data programme to analysis and compare.

Due to RPE’s expertise, we can assist in the entire process from the creation or optimisation of a model up to run different settings and analyse the results mechanically and aerodynamically considering laptime to the point of suggesting race car setup adjustments on track and during race events or support in race car development projects. Though, different packages can be discussed perfectly tailored to our customer’s needs. Get in touch to talk about individual options and personal requirements!